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An Integrated Form Of Three Ancient Martial Arts

The songs of kuntao

The Martial Arts tree.

Kun Tao is the seed that dropped from heaven, took root in the earth to start it’s birth

With rain and sun a sapling it became

So as time shows with strength it’s grown into the tree it strives to be.

As wind blows through branches that are new, leaves shudder and sing

The fruit grows free on this martial arts tree

So from the seed of the fruit a forest I will root

As martial artist know we only reap what we sow.

Like the end of this ditty

Who could have known the Kun Tao seed that was sown would grow into the tree that now is me


Intuitive Thinking System

It’s nothing new it’s very old

It’s not big and brassy or even bold

It’s secret lies in the way it’s told

And you can practise it until you’re old.

It brings life’s joys within it’s wake

Don’t waste a moment

Don’t hesitate

Try it for yourself and you will see

What it’s like to be part of the Kun Tao Family Tree.



With Gods grace

Composed by Grand Master

Brian Jones