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An Integrated Form Of Three Ancient Martial Arts


To the homepage of the late Grandmaster Brian Jones and his Integrated Kun Tao System. Grandmaster Brian had been studying and teaching Martial Arts for over 60 years, he had been a student of some legendary teachers and was a link back to an earlier age when martial arts were studied and taught for martial purposes, not just for sport or health purposes (although these a very valid reasons for studying a Martial Art).

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Summercamp 2024
Date: August 16th-18th, 10am-6pm
Location: Ferry Meadows Country Park, Peterborough

New – Some Pictures from our seminar in Bonn, Germany

Class With Master Ricky Crofts!
Thursdays from 7PM to 9PM
Contact: 07715 524604 or

Today, the Brian Jones Legacy lives on through the guidance of Master Ricky Crofts as head of IKTS and of course the Senior Instructors John Morgan and Mark Corcoran along with the many Instructors in the IKTS family.

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The Integrated Kun Tao organisation is like a family, with male and female members all ages, from 8 to 80, and is taught in countries across Europe. Classes are fun and relaxed and are taught in a way that is accessible to all, each Instructor has a wealth of experience and teach because they enjoy teaching not simply because they have a black belt.

Classes and Seminars

We currently have Instructors in the UK, Belgium, and Germany who teach classes and/or private lessons. We also hold regular seminars throughout the year, including: a March two day training weekend in Bonn, Germany, and an August three day Summer Camp in Peterborough, UK.
We are always open to new people coming and joining us in a like minded spirit.

For more information, or if you are interested in trying a class please click here <Classes> to find your nearest club where. You are always welcome to train with us.